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If it is not present you will not be allowed to hear PRO-T76.
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Key Word..FREEEEEEE!!!!!

The new album: "The Flowers of Evil" Release date: 2001.

Audio Coming soon!

Track Listings:

1.  Electricity
2.  So far so good [
Listen ]
3.  Drifting away [
Listen ]
4.  Marydeath
5.  Flowers of evil [
Listen ]
6.  Golden anniversary
7.  seven days [
Listen ]
8.  plastic boy
9.  failure (the story of my life)
10. Too many stars

To order your copy of "The Flowers of Evil" email:

"X-Cuse" Release Date : Early May 2000.

"X-Cuse" features the lyrical writing of Nathan, the buzzing guitar of Philip and the slapping bass sounds of Eli. This is their true heartfelt album, every song on it is pure Pro-t76, no wish washy mtv bubble gum bull here, true grit, true emotions and true life is what this album is about. From the rocking sounds of "Sound Barrier" to the slow paced story of a doomed love life in "Unravel" the band will have you at the edge of you seat and clenching to the steering wheel tightly. "


1.) Regan
2.) Trip
3.) Easier Said
4.) X-Cuse
5.) Last December (
6.) Stupidity
7.) Cloud 9
8.) Joke
9.) Sound Barrier (
Listen, RA or Mp3)
10.) Unravel


"Forward Moments"

Forward Moments is a collection of 10 of our most adored songs, in which we have written over the past three years. These song hold the truth of what we as a band are all about. The songs vary one from another, just as we have varied and evolved over the years. -- Pro*T76


1.) Foreign Stars
2.) Shadow Walk (
3.) Just Like Me
4.) Stereo (
5.) The Day I died (
6.) To all The Saints
7.) 27 (
8.) In My eyes
9.) The Last Star Fighter
10.) Class Ring (
11.) Hidden Track:
Organ (man or astroman. Listen.)


"Return To Center Star"
Release Date: 1998
Center Star is a very unique and by far the most experimental album pro-t76 has ever done. At the time of this albums production, Pro-t76 consisted of Nathan, Philip and Josh Cromwell.


1.) Rogue
2.) To all The Saints
3.) Azure
4.) Center Star
5.) Lightning (
6.) My Friendly Visit
7.) We Hate Mondays
8.) Spin Around
9.) Speed of Sound
10.) Down Time in Studio
11.) Wally's Lament



Spark of the Century Release date: 1999

This was the third album pro-t76 released and the worst.The album as a whole was underproduced, and the sound quality wasn't that great.   However, there were some great songs on the album such as Stereo, twenty-seven, and Foreign Stars, all of which can also be found on Forward Moments

Track list not available, album out of print
and no longer available for sale.

All Songs are sole property to PRO-T76 and the band members.
Do not copy or sell these copyrighted recordings
without consent of the band and/or publisher of their songs.