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The page you were looking for has been removed for lack of interest, This used to be the home of some of my, prose and other personal trash but the site has since been taken down. I would now love to re-direct you to some other choice sites, well okay I'll tell you a little about me.

The following lists contain some of my favorites and some of my hates. The likes list will change very often but the hates list will only grow.


Velvet Goldmine
Clockwork Orange
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Midnight in the garden of Good and Evil
The 70's
The Doors
Slobber bone
Jack Ingram
Jeff Buckley
Johnny Rhys Meyers
Keith Whitley
Hanson's new CD
David Bowie
Actors or actresses
Johnny Rhys Meyers
Ewan McGregor
Toni Collette
Christian Bale
Malcom McDowell


American Pie
Scary Movie
The House that screamed
And every other film by Dead Alive Productions
Man on the Moon

Bloodhound Gang
Actors or Actresses

Sites that belong to me: [My little business like adventure, here is the offical Kerouac Kills design website.] [My very own local music (and other intersts) web zine, I created and wrote everything listed on this page, unless other wise noted.] [a page me and my friend Troy Elder have been working on for it seems like forever, it is soon to be the official Keith Whitley website.] [Some of the best music is music you haven't heard. Todd Snider is a folkie singer from Memphis. I'm on the email list concerning news about him and his band, well there was complain of such few sites..I jumped on the wagon. This is my unofficial site.] [Site I run based on the most talked about case in the south, The West Memphis Three.] [Another Memphis scene site I maintain and designed, lots of info on local bands and links to others.]

Others I'm with: [I write blues reviews for this one.]
http:/// [I write the scene reports in the south east performer magazine.] [ in honor of one of the greatest musicians alive.] [Keith Whitley's brother and a gret artist on his own.]


email: Eve Sandusky Morris