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[all music by pro-t76/all lyrics by Nathaniel Provencio copyright, 2000]

Album: X-Cuse

Last December
Close my eyes, and say good bye. she said I'll never leave you, close my eyes, then say good bye. Don't ask me. cause I can't remember.  it's so hard to forget our last december.......

Don't be scared you are not alone. I will be your atmosphere, and I will give you air so you can breathe my name. anytime that you want me to, I will leave the light on. and the angels will hear your name cause I'm screaming it over and over again. and the angels will carry me back to 1983.

Fall out into me change me with radiation. keep me in lock down for the night under your supervision. and catch me when I fall. catch me when I fall don't let me stumble don't let me trip, you when your down inside my universe so simple and so clear. and catch me when I fall.

Easier Said
It's easier said than done to find me alive in a world that's already died. You are just a waste of time, this feeling is over and now I can lose my mind. rewind to yesterday when my lovely memory was over and gone away. It's easier said than done to find me alive in a world that's already died.

I have never felt so happy.  I lost myself in pain. I cut myself to piesces, and the summer was to blame.  I had to get your attention, and I needed you to look my way.  the only thing that I could think of to bring you back to stay. I'm just a child and I'm sorry. it's all I could think of today.

  Cloud 9
Everytime that you're away it leaves me open with mistakes, and I can't seem to shake the memory I thought we left behind.  call me crazy, call me sick, call me what you want to.  if you're gonna kill me know you better kill me quick if you really want to. I'm not trying to rule the world.  I just want some piece of mind, from the notion that you are never far behind me. I'm not trying to change the world I just want some piesce of mind, from the notion that we are never far behind. maybe in dreams you will listen, and the stars will start to fade, just like everytime that you go away.

Sound Barrier
I'm breaking this sound barrier  and I'm losing my mind, when I'm shifting my eyes all around.  we are stuck in this silence with violence, so I'll sleep under ground.  we'll sleep underground.

I never thought I'd see the day, a day like tommorrow.  a day where the sunshine fell like rain upon my hopeless sorrow.  and when I lit my cigararete it tasted better than it ever had before. if I'm walking down the street and I fall and hit the ground pick me up off my face so I can smile some more. I never thought that this could happen to a guy like me. I found a reason to hold on suicide. I never thought that this could happen to a guy like me. some call it love some call it ignorance some call it pain, maybe just stupidity.

girls always seem to unravel at the first sounds of a slow song.  and this is my observation.  I don't care if you care anymore. Maybe I'm just scared, a little insecure.  maybe I'm just scared to death of failing you.  maybe I'm just scared or a little insecure, maybe I'm just scared to death of losing you. Boys always seem to not like me.  they don't think too highly of me anymore and this is my observation, still i don't care If you care anymore.

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