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Collage of items

Are you looking for more Pro-t76 swag to add to your ever growing collection? Then look no more my fellow fan, We have everything you need to let the world know who your favorite band is! We have T-shirts, Stickers, all the albums and small buttons on the way plus new t-shirt designs already in!!! And Don't forget to order your merch. contact Nathan at

Tapes and CD's (Tapes, $7.00 CD's $10.00)

Forward Moments:

Tape Cover

Forward Moments

CD Cover

X-Cuse (Available in CD and Tape

Spark of The Century:

Out of Print and not avialble for sale

Email Nathan at to Order!!!

Return to Center Star:


Email Nathan at to Order!!!

Stickers! 50 cents
Stickers: 50 cents!!

T-Shirts: long: $9 short $7 (Available in various sizes and colours.)
The top one: Pink girls t-shirts (in other pastel colours.) Bottom one:
Blue/ White Car Logo, Long Sleeve. )available in solid as well as Pastel colours.)

Collage of itemsCollage of itemsCollage of items

After seeing all of that Merchandise, do you want to order something special for your collection? Then email Nathan with the product information and payment info and he will certainly hook you up with the swag of your desire!