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Kerouac Kills' adoring public:

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Question: How many local music websites can Memphis possibly support?
Answer: Ummmm ...

From one of the masterminds behind the gloriously "rocking" site comes yet another local music website, the newly re-titled "Kerouac Kills." (A rather artsy name for a big rock page, don't you think?)

Well, that's the thing. Eve Morris, who writes the local spotlight column on, expands her horizons a great deal on her personal site.
Okay, so she did do a story on those fallen icons of the hair-spray age EVERY MOTHER'S NIGHTMARE, but she also did pieces on the not-quite-so-rockin' likes

Eve writes charmingly "lo-fi" articles about basically anyone who asks her to, which is very admirable, and (I'm sure) very helpful to the more unknown bands just trying to get their names out. Diversity within the featured acts is encouraged and
embraced on the site, which makes Kerouac Kills a pretty interesting read.
In fact, I dare say that Ms. Morris' page has the potential to do much more for Memphis music awareness than the tunnel-visioned MemphisRocks page
ever could. (Who am I to call someone tunnel-visioned? And while I'm at it,
what's with all the parenthetical questions?)

Anyway ... the Kerouac Kills e-zine also features Memphis-music news
and a local show-list. So if dial it up, you might learn something.
Any way you slice it, it's going to be better than The Memphis Mojo.

-- John Reager
MTV Local Stringer
(October 2, 1999)
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