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Section I

 It is pitiful how America has made everything into (in the words of Todd Snider) a big fat beer commercial. Where all the girls have to be pretty and wear bikinis. The guy are jockey studs sitting back having a cold one and watching football on Monday night. And what is worse is that the majority of American people have fell for that gimmick. the plan was to get everyone to think like them (the creators) so they could sell the product. think about it. what all cooperate companies have done this? Makeup. Makeup was invented to make ugly girls prettier. Beer for men makeup for women. What happened to natural looks and water? Those weren't big sellers, so a new object was created. and see our parents were brought up in the midst of this glamour and it has been passed on to us as a way of life. not an opition, A WAY OF LIFE. not all girls are pretty nor do they need to be. nor do they need to have nose jobs, etc done to them, Little girls hate their self because of what WE made America to be. what WE as a whole have set as a standard. Girls are suppose to like pink and wear dresses. men are suppose to like beer and football. what about the guys who like arts? they are called faggots in the modern world. the girls who hate pink and dresses they are most namely called dykes. their sexual preference does not matter to most. just the fact that they supposedly carry on like they are. speaking of homosexuals. what's up with most peoples fear of them. like they are violent people like they automatically want to sleep with you just because you are of the same sex?  come one people. ok a girl is  walking down the street she sees a guy. She thinks he is cute, does that mean she wants to screw him? No or at least I hope that any decent girl wouldn't but the point is just because someone is of different sexual orientation it does not mean by a long shot they want to sleep with you. more than likely if they are telling you. that means you are the last person in the world they want to sleep with.  that's just another way the world has screwed up everyone's way of thinking for themselves.


Now I'm not down on everything. I think the art industry has blossomed. But that also did during the wars in the past. when things get hard people began to express the hate, the violence, the pain in art forms. so at least one thing good is coming out of the screwed up views. I give them a hand for that one. The arts are most possibly at their finest now. But remember just because no one understands you that doesn't mean you are an artist. Even the modern songs approach name brand items to lure you in. "Abercrombie and Finch" is the most recent one. There is a song on MTV these days about a girl who is the object of the song that wears Abercrombie and Finch. AAF is  brand of clothing. They made sure to point out that the girl who is the object  of the singers affection is the one wearing the clothing not a bum on the street. what kind of message is that sending to the young girls? Wear this line of clothing and so and so will love you? that is so warped beyond words. Wear this brand name and you will be regarded as a sell out, they never tell them that tidbit of news?  Girls have been made into objects. objects of desire. objects of hate. objects to own. 


Section II  

Discrimination is one of the most ignorant things but it's also one of the most dangerous. People are raised and taught a certain way. I understand that everyone has different morals than I do and the fact that I will never find a person who agrees totally with me. but hate forms from people not having the knowledge and them not being prepared to adopt to new things or possibly even the fact of people not being able to accept that things change. Stubbornness is a key element in hate. you take a country boy who grew up in a town of 300, went to an all white school then put him in mid town Memphis. It's not going to work because he has never been exposed to other cultures other than the traditional redneck ways. people hate things they don't understand. I admit the fact that I was once racist. I used to hate anything and everything about people different from me. I was also Homophobic and as you can see that was quickly turned around :o) I hated those people because I didn't understand them. I was also raised to call them niggers and faggots. I,  by myself have risen above that torture and disgrace of my own name. I now embrace people of other cultures I want to learn anything they are willing to share with me. The more I understand and know the more I like about them and their ways of life and their ways of thinking. Help me understand and you will find and open heart. but one thing I can truly not stand is when people from other countries come over to America then expect our government to do things for them. They are a guest in our country. Just as I would not go to India and demand that the government support me and my wishes. That is above all just plain rude.




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